Sitta is able to export its made in Italy experience and expertise on the world market, is ready to forge alliances with local partners and intends to carry out new and important projects in the public and private works sector using local builders, manpower and local resources, remaining in any case responsible for the execution of the contract, the technologies used, the local builders involved or associated in the execution of the works, as well as the quality control system.

Sitta in fact, it is able to tackle large and small projects with the same professionalism, rigorously modulated by the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 39001, ISO 37001, SA 8000 and SOA certified quality system.

Strengthened by the highest levels of professionalism and competitiveness Sitta is planning an expansion of its business in the construction sector, having the financial resources, references, equipment and certifications to participate in international public contracts.


Sitta Through its management, it follows with particular attention and invests in the development of new construction technologies and new eco-sustainable materials in accordance with international standards, elements which have effectively ensured its success. Sitta constantly invests in staff training, avails itself of the collaboration of highly specialized builders and workforce, capable of operating in synergy in any situation.

For Sitta it is important today more than ever to invest in redevelopment and in order to redevelop roads, buildings, cities and production areas it is necessary to use green materials to build, insulate and save energy.

Sitta believes it is essential to increasingly take into consideration the ecological opportunities that effectively respect the planet we live on.

In case of reports, complaints or requests for documentation relating to company policies, SA 8000 financial statements or other, you can send an email to segnalazionisittasrl@gmail.com.