Sitta SRL has a history of excellence that dates back to 1927. Thanks to constant commitment and rapid progress, the company has established itself as one of the main leaders in the civil works sector in Northern Italy. The broad scope of Sitta SRL's activities embraces a vast range of sectors, ranging from public works to private constructions, from civil to industrial infrastructures.

With a consolidated reputation, Sitta SRL also stands out internationally, carrying out public projects of strategic importance, such as:

  • Development of high-impact road and motorway networks
  • Creation of modern and functional airports
  • Advanced solutions in the field of hydraulic works and purification plants
  • Creation of state-of-the-art residential and industrial complexes
  • Innovative management of municipal solid waste
  • Feasibility studies and advanced design


Future-oriented, Sitta SRL is planning an ambitious expansion in the construction sector for the next few years. The company boasts solid financial resources, successful references, cutting-edge equipment and excellent certifications, elements that make it an ideal partner for international public works contracts.

A distinctive feature of Sitta SRL is the desire to establish strategic collaborations with local partners. Through the union of skills and experience, the company aims to carry out ambitious projects in the panorama of public and private works, significantly contributing to development and progress.

Choosing Sitta SRL means relying on an avant-garde reality, rooted in tradition but projected towards the future, capable of realizing impactful projects in the national and international panorama of civil constructions.